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User Guide

Swift Community Apt Repository

Supported Distributions

The Swift Community Apt Repository currently supports the following Distributions and architectures.
  Debian - arm64/amd64
    - buster / 10
    - bullseye / 11
  Raspberry Pi OS / Raspbian - armv6/7
    - buster
  Ubuntu - arm64/amd64
    - bionic / 18.04
    - focal / 20.04
    - hirsute / 21.04
    - impish / 21.10
The repository also supports distributions that are based on the above list.
This includes many popular Linux distributions such as the following -
    Linux Mint
    Zorin OS


The Quick Install Script
The easiest way to get up and running with the Swift Community Apt Repository is to use the Quick Install Script.
  'curl -s https://archive.swiftlang.xyz/install.sh | sudo bash'
Step 1 - System Update and Install curl
First run a system update and upgrade.
  sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
Then install curl.
  sudo apt install curl
Step 2 - Run the quick install script
  curl -s https://archive.swiftlang.xyz/install.sh | sudo bash
The installer script will automatically detect whether your system is compatible with the repository.
Step 3 -Choose which version of Swift to install
If your system is compatible you will be presented with a menu which will allow you to choose which version of swift is installed.
  1) latest - This will update to the latest release of Swift available
  2) developer - Swift developer builds - this will update to the latest developer build available
  3) Swift version 5.3.* - this will update to the latest point release of Swift 5.3
  4) Swift version 5.4.* - this will update to the latest point release of Swift 5.4
  5) Swift version 5.5.* - this will update to the latest point release of Swift 5.5
NOTE 1: The number of different versions of swift available will differ depending on the distribution/version.
NOTE 2: If installing on Raspberry Pi OS/Raspbian the only swift version available at the moment is swift-5.1.5 so there will be no menu presented
Step 4 - Install Swift
  sudo apt install swiftlang
Step 5 - Check Swift version
  swift --version

Browsing the Repository Files

You can directly browse the repository files at the following address -

Viewing the Repository Install Script Code

If you would like to view the contents of the 'install.sh' script before running it.
The full code is available here -

Getting Help

If you need help or have an issue with the repository, please contact me via the Swift Forums.